Wednesday, 28 January 2015


The second weekend of January I was straight back in to travelling, with a different board under my feet, this timeI was heading up to the French alps with my family for my 20th BIRTHDAY! 

It was an awesome week, the snow was amazing and to spend some quality time with my family is always something I don’t want to end .

After a week in the snow my relaxing for the rest of January was well and truly over, 
I landed in Lisbon on the night of the 17th only to wake up and fly straight out to London for a day of meetings about some exciting project for this summer :)

Then it was straight back on the plane back to Lisbon, for a TV commercial casting with Mazda, I still have no idea how I got booked for this job as I was so tired in the casting but I'm not complaining.

I had one day in-between the casting and the job starting to get my life together .
TV commercials are by far the hardest thing to shoot as you have to try and tell a story in 30 seconds, with no speaking just actions and facial expressions, this ad was particularly tough as it had to be shot at night.

The first night of shooting was in Lisbon from 2:00am until 7:00am , then drove to Peniche where we shot for the next two nights from 5:00pm to 6:30am (crazy hours)
surfing in the dark at super tubes was an experience thats for sure but I loved it, it was almost pitch black darkness so to see the waves was close to impossible but by now surfing is like walking second nature (who needs light anyway)

When we finally wrapped the commercial there was a huge sigh of relief from the whole crew and cast  it had been LONG  .
However we had some fun times despite the cold and tiredness and I can’t wait to see the commercial .

You know what they say no rest for the WICKED I’m now in London for a few days before i fly out to Bali for the month of February I CANT WAIT !

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