Saturday, 7 February 2015

Winter winning !

Its winter again so like always I have escaped to a hotter climate and Bali is my destination of choice .

I jumped on a plane from London to China to Bankok where I had a 6 hour stop over then to Bali . 

And it was HOT .

I spent the fist night in a sweet villa in Bali , then day one consisted of an awesome breakfast and a manicure with my home girl Ivy Miller

After one day in bali i was straight on a boat to the paradise island of Lembongan with friend and photographer Petra .
When we arrived to the villa in Lembongan it was like walking in to an episode of MTV cribs .

When it was finally time to surf the excitement was just way too much i was soooooooooooo happy to jump off the boat and wiggle about .

The next few days were full of awesome surfs epic food and amazing activities 

now back in bali shooting and surfing and basically having a SICKKKKK time  
L.C x 

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