Sunday, 19 April 2015

MAZDA 2 TV commercial BTS

In the middle of european winter surfing is sometimes a struggle , however surfing in the winter and in the dead of the night you can imagine that shooting the new Mazda 2 commercial was a task, for everyone involved. 

From the actors to the wardrobe design we all had our work cut out . 
we would start to shoot at around 6pm shooting all night until sun rise at around 7am .
so as you can imagine it was 3 very long days and nights.

We shot the first night in Lisbon where i was sat in the passenger seat just being driven around all night a few camera shots but nothing too challenging .

The next night was no smooth sailing , we arrived to Super tubes , in Peniche which is a challenging wave to surf in broad day light and in the dark felt think an impossible challenge , but we all did what we had to do and got great shots even if it was the coldest we had ever been .

If you watch the BTS videos at this link you’ll see in a little more detail just what we had to deal with.

with all thats being said we had an awesome time we all laughed a lot mostly at each others keep warm techniques , but the sigh of relief was the biggest i have ever heard from a crew and cast when we got told we had wrapped .

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