Sunday, 12 July 2015

Bali to Barcelona - with Mazda

After 4 months of perfect weather and waves in Bali it was time for Laura to have a new little adventure , as much as i love Bali i could not miss the whole of the European summer (ITs THE BEST ) ,so my flights got booked and before i  knew it i was en route to the city of Barcelona . 

Barcelona is a place that i had always wanted to visit ,but being a surfer i would always end up ,following the waves, normal i guess its what we all seem to do , but this years new years resolution was to see places that i wouldn't usually go, weather there is waves or not ( still have a few to tick off ) .

So when i got invited to Barcelona by Mazda for their event Challenge the night it was a total no brainer , i landed in the mid day heat and we all know what a city is like , after a 20h flight in 30 degrees , (if you dont well it sucks ) .I had a driver pick me up and take me to the hotel ,at this point my whole mood changed , we pulled up to the BIGGEST MOST GIGANTIC hotel i have ever seen 32 floors up was where my hotel suite was , when i walked in to the room i was totally amazed i had a 360 degree view over the whole of Barcelona it was insane didn't even need to leave my room to get a tour of the city  . HEHE

Best hotel room EVER ! 

After maybe one of the best nights sleep of my life (hotel beds are the best ) i was straight in to a full days work ,along side working all day we saw all of Barcelona's beauty cute cobbled streets , beautiful buildings and beaches ,i cant even begin to tell you how the vibe in this city is ,its as though every one is celebrating something (how everyone everywhere should be ).

My day of "work" if you can call it that started by welcoming the competitors that were going to "Challenge the nigh"t ,i did a short interview with everyone , there was a competitor from almost every country in Europe , so many different personalities ( the interviews were funny to say the least as i only speak English , a vague bit of Spanish and some Portuguese ) 

After the interveiws we all got  in to the cars and headed to the first challenge , which was tasting in the dark this was awesome we all had to try and guess what food we had just eaten in the dark.Next stop was my challenge which was surfing , for anyone who has been to Barcelona in the summer you will know there is almost no waves ,so we got a flow rider wave mashine and i tought the competitors how to use it (not as easy as you think) , this was by far my favorite challenge we had so much fun, a few falls but everyone loved it . 
After surfing we headed up to the top of the city where we had a view looking over the city at sun set it was so beautiful . \

The day finished off eating some traditional local sea food that was amazing (TAPAS I LOVE YOU) drank spanish wine   ,
we crowned the two winners and then the night of celibrations began . 

i had the most amazing time in Barcelona and i cant wait to visit again soon i loved working with Mazda and cant wait for future projects .

LC x
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