Monday, 14 December 2015

Laura's Beauty Tips !

Back again..
I have a few beauty tips that I would really like to share.
 I feel like they are tips that every girl needs to know, whether you spend every spare minute in the ocean or not. 
They are all totally natural, and half the price of your usual hair, skin and teeth products . 

Numero uno is,Coconut oil, I came across coconut oil about 1 year ago in Hawaii, since then you will never catch me travelling with out it. 
I began using it  firstly as a moisturiser before bed, as time went on I started to use it for literally everything . 
As any beach babe will know,  sun plus salt water are pretty much any head of hair worst nightmare ! 
 for me being in the sun and  ocean pretty much everyday, 12 months of the year, you can only imagine how my hair usually looked.. FRIED ! I had previously tried everything,  putting conditioner on before a surf, hair masks but nothing worked until I found coconut oil.

The treatment is a overnight miracle 
Now once a week I apply coconut oil to my hair all over, looking like the biggest grease ball ever,  put it in a loose plait , and leave it in over night , then wash it out the next day.
 It literally feels like you have had a new head of hair  over night, its amazing I use around 3tsp and work through hair and massage well into the ends

My other favourite way to use Coco Oil is for teeth whitening.
Before brushing your teeth put about 1tsp of coconut oil in your moth and swish it around like you would mouth wash for about 15mins when you spit it out you will see instant improvements to your pearly whites.


This may sound slightly strange  Bicarbonate of Soda yes you read correctly , its by far my favourite beauty product at the moment and  it costs next to nothing.
I have been using it for about a month, and the improvements to my skin and teeth are amazing . 
i use it every day  2 x a day .
I have always had pimples from wearing sunblock all the time,  unblocking my pours is super important after a long day at the beach or a full day of modelling layers of make up on.
I  had bought face exfoliators that were literally costing hundreds, and didn't see any improvement for the amount of money spending


Bicarbonate of soda  

Put 2 pinches of BOS in your hand,  add a little bit of water , rub your  hands  together to make a little paste, and use it as  you would use any face wash , I  leave it on my face while i bush my teeth

I also brush my teeth with bicarbonate soda,  put a little sprinkle on top of my tooth pastern my brush, and away you go, never had such shine on my teeth . 

Don't forget..  wash off the Bicarbonate of soda off your face, after a few days you will see immediate results, your skin will glow and your pimples will soon disappear .

My last little handy tip again slightly strange but equally as awesome, Apple Cider Vinegar . 

I use the vinegar for various things, my favourite has to be on my skin. I use a 100ml spray bottle, fill 1/4 of the bottle with Apple Cider Vinegar and then the rest with tap water, and shake.

After washing my face with the Bicarbonate of soda I spray the watered down vinegar on.
 it's crazy how fast it clears up your skin, usually I sleep with it on, however If using it in the morning and you have time,leave it on for about 20 mins then wash it off,  don't forget to rinse or else you smell a little funky !
You can also use the vinegar for teeth whitening personally I dislike the taste,  but it works really well . 

Hair Routine 
- coco oil oil mask .
- use bicarbonate soda as try shampoo (amazing).

Teeth Routine
-coco oil teeth whitening mouth wash .
-Brush teeth with bicarbonate soda .

Skin Routine -
-face scrub bicarbonate soda .
-apple cedar vinegar spray.

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful !"
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