Friday, 12 February 2016

The Best 3 Weeks Of My Life With My Bestie !

WOW ... what a start to 2016 , after an amazing family holiday in the french alps I had one day back home in England to unpack and repack my suitcase, ready for my trip to California . 

London to Los Angeles 10 hours … and there waiting for me at arrivals was non other than my best friend, Miss Ivy Miller, from that second the most epic trip of my life began. 
Ideally I would give you a day to day break down of every event every inside joke and so on, but I think its better if I didn't haha (you had to be there kinda vibe ) 

so i'll give you a more detailed, California Instagram feed ! 

SUNRISE over Venice Beach , from the window of Ivy's bedroom window ! 

The ATTIC mine and Ivy's base camp (closet of the floor) where we un pack and repack and leave a bomb site of clothes bikinis surfboards and snowboards ! 

The first of a million selfies that we took ! 

Went to a shooting range , learnt to shoot a gun SO MUCH FUN ! (kinda scary)

21st Birthday bike rides ! 

21st birthday surfs !

21st Birthday celebrations !

After a few days in San Diego, Ivy and I made the 9 hour drive up to Lake Tahoe .

SO SO SO beautiful never seen anything quite like it ! 

On our drive back to LA, Ivy and I decided to take a little detour to the middle of no where (we really needed to pee) 
which landed us here, in the most amazing tranquil spot I think I have ever visited with 360 degree views of Sierra Nevada .
So like the normal humans that we are decided to get naked run around in the snow and sunbath on the top of the car ! oh to be 21 ! hahah 

Just two best friends having a hell of a time ! 

Little view point on the drive ! 

BACK to Venice for 24 hours to re load our bags and the trip up to Big Bear mountain  



After a long day in the snow what better that a bath with your best friend ! 
to recharge for a night out to celebrate BIRTHDAYS ! 

While in LA ivy and I were lucky enough to find time to hit Studio MDR, I had never tried Pilates before, honestly it's the most amazing work out, and I will be defiantly be  keeping it up. for anyone in LA or heading that way you should seriously check it out, it tones you instantly ! After just 2 classes i could notice  saw a HUGE difference in the way I looked. 

So if you couldn't tell by the sizes of both off our smiles Ivy and Ihad the most amazing time,
 just want to thank her for being the raddest human EVER and being my best friend !
Hope you all enjoyed checking out our adventures? there will be more this year, just you wait and see




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