Friday, 8 April 2016


Europe Europe Europe … there really is nothing else like it . 
After living in Bali , i have really come to realise how lucky i have been to grow up in Europe ,so close to so many different but beautiful countries and cultures , all year around there is somewhere you can go to get a bit of sun and some fun waves . 

Last month i headed over to Fuerteventura, for the first team trip with my new sponsor Protest 

I have been going to the canaries since i was really young on family holidays , i really love it, the way of life out there is relaxed beyond belief, it is also in my eyes one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth , i love surfing with 360 degrees views of volcanoes , there is something about it that makes you feel so small and insignificant that i love .

We spent most of our days out there exploring the island of Fuerteventura looking for waves , and its safe to say we SCORED ! 

My favourite parts of tis trip were getting to know my new protest team mates ,,,, (they are awesome ) we had some laughs thats for sure .

The protest girls looking scarily similar ! 

I also loved walking up the volcanoes they are so intriguing 

Exploring and getting lost with good friends is always fun too 

The locals were really friendly too .

After a week in Fuerte i defiantly wasn't ready to leave ,but it was on to my next adventure in Scotland, the definition of one extreme to another . 

MASSIVE thank you to my new Protest family i had the best time see you all VER VERY soon .




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